[Video Review] Senior School Musical: The Wizard of Oz

Last week our Senior School students delivered three knockout performances of The Wizard of Oz. We were happy to be able to host a small number of parents in person in the theatre, essential for the performing experience, and we were thrilled to see over 700 parents tune into the livestream. The timeless themes of adventure, friendship and appreciation for home really resonated with our community.

From left to right: Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman

Says Alison Derbyshire, Head of Senior School: "Not only is a musical a great thing for the community, but it takes a community to make a musical. Everyone has given an incredible performance. From the smallest part to the largest part, the joy that the students have brought to the stage and the joy they have given us whisking us off to Oz has been truly appreciated."

Alison Derbyshire
Not only is a musical a great thing for the community, but it takes a community to make a musical.
- Alison Derbyshire, Head of Senior School

Says Caroline Taylor, Head of College: "Many students have played less visible but extremely important roles bringing our Senior School production to life. As you appreciate the grand spectacle on stage, I hope you'll join with me in recognizing the hard work and dedication of all the students, from the actors to the musicians to the Dance Captains to the students running the sound booth to those doing the stage management, from the crew and the run support to the operations to the technical crew and set construction to the costume and makeup, and even the Toto operator. Only with everyone playing their part can the show truly go on."

Bella acts in the main role of Dorothy
Caroline Taylor
Many students have played less visible but extremely important roles bringing our Senior School production to life.
- Caroline Taylor, Head of College

Our parents were equally effusive in their praise:

Jackie G, mother of Renin A in Year 7:

"Thank you for the time, energy and passion you and the entire production team (staff, students, professionals etc) put into the production of the Wizard of Oz. It was a truly amazing event and everyone involved should be very proud. As we all know, these past 14 months have been filled ups and downs for everyone everywhere. Taking the time to make the screening of the production accessible to those who could not attend live (regardless of location or timezone) was very generous and meant a lot. Thank you."

Dorothy with the Professor

Viral S, mother of Krish S in Year 12:

“An absolutely spectacular performance by all the cast and crew, guided by the expert Ms Farmer! A feast for the eyes! Loved the humor, the singing and the powerful dialogue delivery!”

Elena leads The Jitterbug performance

Shaying T, mother of Amaia C (Year 8), Ella C (Year 11) and Jake C (Year 5):

"I complained to my daughter that all she talked and thought about in the last three weeks was Wizard of Oz, as if nothing else existed. So glad to see the end product is worth every minute of it."

Dorothy meets Munchkin townsfolk

Novy P, father of Pranav N (Year 7) and Dhruv N (Year 9):

"It's brilliant! It was produced so professionally; the organisation was brilliant too."


Teresa K, mother of E-Ren T (Year 10) and Jade-E T (Year 6):

"It is amazing! So touched to see the end part of sharing and thanking. It makes us so proud to be part of the DCSPD family. Such an effort really brings the community together. What a marvelous team and congratulations to our College on the production. Well done! It means so much more especially in these COVID times."

Wicked Witch of the West

Jie S, David Z (Year 11) and Baron Z (Year 13):

"Wow, the show is marvelous! Congratulations! I was so touched when the students and teachers shared their appreciations and experiences at the end. As a sports parent, I found today that drama should also be a part of children’s experience at Dulwich!"

Lion with Ozians

Alison D, Eva D in Year 12:

“I loved the fact that not only did my daughter grow as an actress, she also developed skills in organisation, teamwork, communication, and leadership that will stand her in good stead for all future adventures.”

Scarecrow, Tinman and Dorothy in the orchard

Ian D, Astrid D in Year 12:

"The production values of the play were especially high this year. Combined with strong acting and eye-catching costumes, the Wizard of Oz was a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle. Kudos is due to your drama teachers and all the unseen people who helped make it work."