Workshop with Damian Siqueiros

Workshop with Damian Siqueiros

On the 9th and 10th of January, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong Year 12 IB Visual Art students participated in a photography masterclass and workshop with photographer Damian Siqueiros. This is Damian’s 3rd visit to the College as part of the DCI Diversity Programme.

A professional photographer who has worked with clients such as Vogue and the Montreal Ballet, Damian is also a social and environmental activist. This year’s workshop was inspired by his most recent work, Terra Sapians, which focusses on environmental issues and human impact on the planet.

Learning about his work gave our students valuable understanding of the process of creating a photographic series including the role of research and collaboration as well as learning technical skills such as lighting and digital editing.

This project was a valuable opportunity to create meaningful links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; students worked in teams to explore a goal. Cynthia, Vanessa and Oscar took Life Below Water as their starting point to depict the environmental impact of fishing. Following Damian’s lead, the groups made sets and costumes from ‘found’ and recycled materials.

Damian usually works with professional dancers, so we were lucky to collaborate with Yun from Dance Center Shanghai.