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Welcome from the Admissions Team

A very warm welcome from Admissions Team as you explore Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong with us! We are so excited that you have chosen to learn more about Dulwich Pudong as a possible destination for yourself (if you are a student) or for your child or children. 

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong opened in 2003 and was the first in the Dulwich College International family of schools. It is recognised as a leading international school in the city.

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is a co-educational day school for students from Toddler to Year 13 (ages 2 to 18). Our College is academically selective and follows an enhanced British curriculum adapted for the needs of our international student body. Students follow the IGCSE curriculum in Years 10 and 11, and then the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13. The strong academic curriculum is complemented by a rich co-curricular programme.

Continuing the tradition of excellence of our founding school, our graduates go on to study at leading universities in the UK, USA and around the world.

The primary teaching language is English, with a dual language approach in Mandarin and English in DUCKS (ages 2 to 7). To ensure our students will thrive, we assess the English level of non-native speakers before making an offer. 

Our Mandarin programme is streamed and caters to all abilities.

The close collaboration among our colleges, in both Shanghai and the Dulwich College International family, gives our students unique opportunities to participate in network events and benefit from the group's relationships with leading educational and artistic organizations.

Application Process

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Frequently asked questions

We understand that navigating a new school can sometimes be a stressful experience. This page has the answers to some of the most asked questions. If you would like any other information regarding enrolling your child at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, please contact our friendly Admissions Team by submitting our online Enquiry.

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Do you have a waiting list?

Where there are more qualified candidates than places available, we establish a waiting list and offer placements to students as and when they become available 

If so, how are admissions prioritised?

We enrol students who have met the entry requirements in accordance with the spaces available in the appropriate year level. If there are no available places, or the application is for a future academic year, students are placed on a waiting list. Priority will be given to the siblings of currently enrolled students, a returning Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong student and children transferring from another Dulwich College International school.

Please request details of the College Policy for further information.

Do Dulwich students wear a uniform?

Yes, all students at the College, excluding toddler children, are required to wear a school uniform. The school uniform will vary at certain Key Stages and is different for warm and cold weather. 

What does it look like?

Where can I buy it?

Uniforms can be purchased at the College Uniform Shop or through the Online Uniform Shop.

Please refer to the Admissions Booklet for more information.

Can my child eat lunch at school?


Who are your caterers?

Aden is the catering provider at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. 

How much do lunches cost?

A set lunch menu is offered in DUCKS for  27 RMB per day. The price of a set lunch for Junior School students is 28.50 RMB. Senior School students can enjoy a variety of a la carte dishes with prices ranging from  20 to  30 RMB.

Do you accommodate children with food allergies?

We pay special attention to children with food allergies. All offered dishes are labelled clearly. Furthermore, special food content labels are used in DUCKS and Junior School restaurants to make it easier for the children to recognise the food products offered. We require parents and staff to refrain from taking food containing nuts into school.

Can my child bring lunch to school?


Do you offer bus service?


What are the bus routes?

Please click here to view Main Campus school routes.

Please click here to view DUCKS school routes.

Do I require identification to enter the College?

Yes. All those who wish to have access to the College will need a security card for entrance. To prepare the cards, families should upload individual photos to Dulwich College Shanghai Security Card Application Form using .jpeg or .png files only. A family group can be set up on the application form, and may include your ayi, your driver or anyone that you completely trust to come onto the College grounds to collect your child(ren).

We will provide the first two cards free of charge, with each subsequent card costing 30RMB. This fee can be paid at the Student Support Service office when you collect your finished cards.

Other than on Student Orientation Day, everyone apart from students in uniform will need to swipe their personal cards for access. Other visitors must sign in with the guards and wear visitor badges to gain entrance. Temporary school badges must be handed back to the guards on leaving the site. 

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We only enrol students whom we know we can support. We enrol students with learning challenges when the information available indicates that the student’s learning needs can be met by the services we provide.

Our team will consult students and parents to conduct all necessary assessments and review copies of all previous reports and records. We request that parents provide all information available to enable our admissions review team to make an accurate decision about learning support services and admission.

At Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong we appreciate the cultural diversity that non-native English speakers bring to our school and we are able to support a percentage of students who are non-native English speakers. Applicants who speak languages other than English should be able to demonstrate age-appropriate academic proficiency in their native tongue. Our admissions team may request that students be assessed on their ability to handle the academic challenges of English before an admissions decision is made.

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