Co-Curricular Activities

A Dulwich education is a holistic education. That is the enduring vision of Dulwich founder Edward Alleyn who aimed to create a school that emphasised sound learning, strong artistic pursuits and good manners. Today that 400-year-old tradition is carried forward in our thriving Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) programme.

CCAs are an integral part of the educational experience across all three of our schools at Dulwich Pudong. Each CCA is run by a teacher or student and students are expected to be highly engaged. Students are empowered to choose – and even propose – their own. Dozens of CCAs have been student-led initiatives.

CCAs in Term 2

How do students benefit from CCAs?

  •  Get out of their comfort zone and try new things.
  •  Gain valuable leadership and interpersonal skills.
  •  Build out their CVs for university application.
  •  Enhance wellbeing.

Each term the CCAs reinvent themselves; new ones are added, old ones are retired. Many persist year after year due to popular demand. There are now an astounding 226CCAs offered across our three schools. Let’s unlock the world of the CCAs.

DUCKS - Experiment

DUCKS students will regularly change their CCA choices so that they have the chance to experiment with a range of new ideas and interests. DUCKS students begin CCAs in Reception.

Top 3 most popular CCAs

  • Drama
  • Multi-sports
  • DUCKS Musketeers (Fencing)

New CCAs added this term:

  1. Knitting
  2. Clay Modelling Club
  3. Jewellery Design
  4. Drawing Club
  5. Creative Dance
DUCKS Chi Life Kung Fu CCA
Chester C
I find football the most interesting in the Multi-Sports CCA because it is fun and I can kick and shoot the ball. I can also play basketball. It is fun because I can use my hands to shoot to the hoop. I am also looking forward to playing some tennis. I like tennis because I can use a racket to hit the ball. Join Multi-Sports because it is fun and good exercise and we will play lots of different games and sports.
- Chester C, Year 2
Simon Burgess
Through the Multi-Sports CCA students experience a multitude of different sports as well as develop many new skills. These include hand-eye coordination, focus, and importantly teamwork! The children also have great fun playing games and exercising, whilst at the same time building confidence and stamina.
- Simon Burgess, Year 2 Teacher
DUCKS Cookery Club
Junior School - Development
Junior School Basketball and Baseball CCA
Isabella B
I like that you learn about leading others and how to lead a group of students. I would like to improve my communication skills and I can do this at this CCA. It's given me the confidence to be able to talk in front of other students and use these skills in the classroom, for example when I am presenting my work or sharing a project with group.
- Isabella B, Year 5
Alex Lefevre
The first point any student will improve is collaboration skills. Even the easiest project can turn out really complicated without a good level of collaboration. Students will also discover a great starter pack of filmmaking: what to film, how to film, how long to film, with what camera angle. They will explore editing techniques. Using a series of practical exercises and debriefing, students will realize that the best way to improve their filmmaker skills is by understanding their own mistakes.
- Alex Lefevre, Creative Director (Film)
Junior School Super STEAM CCA
Senior School - Extension

By the time students reach Senior School they have a good idea of their interests. We want them to deepen and extend their learning within a chosen society and be able to demonstrate true commitment. Therefore many Senior School students will make a year-long commitment to their chosen CCA(s).

Top 3 most popular CCAs

  • Extreme STEAM
  • Senior Choir
  • Model United Nations

New CCAs added this term:

  1. Art Auction
  2. Chinese Magazine (De Xin)
  3. Acting & LAMDA Examinations
  4. Dulwich Shakespeare Festival
  5. Set Design for Production
  6. Stage Lighting
  7. Boot Camp Chemistry IGCSE
  8. Criminology Club
  9. IGCSE Additional Mathematics Revision
  10. SS Photography
  11. The Science of Wellbeing
  12. The Peace Centre Uganda Quiz Night Team
  13. Football U18 Boys (Year 10 - Year 13)
  14. Football U18 Girls (Year 10 - Year 13)
  15. Netball U13 (Year 7 & Year 8)
  16. Netball U15 (Year 9 & Year 10)
  17. Rugby U13 Year 7 and 8
  18. Rugby U15 Year 9 and 10
  19. Volleyball CISSA (Year 7 - Year 9) Boys
Guzhen CCA
Kevin Z
You get to sing different songs and try out new performances. It’s a chance to sing and learn music and it’s very fun! The teachers are all friendly. Don’t be afraid to try it out!
- Kevin Z, Year 7
Haley Brill
Participating in the MUN CCA supports students in developing their public speaking, research, and critical thinking skills as they are challenged to collaborate in order to create pragmatic solutions to real world problems. Furthermore, by stepping into the shoes of a delegate from another country, they gain a wider perspective of the world as well as develop understanding and empathy for others. In the end, MUN encourage our students of today to be the world leaders and problem solvers.
- Haley Brill, Teacher of Humanities

From music to sport to leadership to creativity to wellbeing, our CCA programme really has something for every student.