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D'Oscars 2018 Friday 11th May


Academic Framework

DUCKS (ages 2 to 7) image

DUCKS (ages 2 to 7)

DUCKS includes Toddler to Year 2 (ages 2 to 7) and provides a purposeful introduction to learning. Children learn communication, listening, problem solving and perseverance.
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Junior School (ages 7 to 11)

Junior School goes from Year 3 to 6 (ages 7 to 11). We provide a balanced academic challenge that enables students to realise their unique potential in a supportive environment.
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Senior School (age 11 to 18)

Senior School includes Year 7 to Year 13 (ages 11 to 18). Our students follow the IGCSE syllabus and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).
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Events & Calendar

  • 14
    Apr 2018
    Daddy Daughter Ball
  • 19-21
    Apr 2018
    2017/18 ACAMIS Red Division Soccer Tournament
  • 11
    May 2018
  • 02
    Jun 2018
    Founder's Day
World Expo 2018
Save the Date! Wednesday 18th April 2018
Artist of the Week
Longtian Year 12
Year 5/6 Production
Year 5 and Year 6 students performed "The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan" at least 4 times with different audiences. Each of the students brought their enthusiasm and energy for an "Amazing" Wednesday finale.
Save the Children
Ms. Catherine Carter
19th - 23rd March in Mei Lan Fang Theatre