Guiding Statements

Students Come First

Students' development is prioritised through challenging programmes within our safe and respectful environment, which nurtures their overall wellbeing, enabling them to achieve their academic potential.


One Family of Schools

Students, staff, and parents work collaboratively in our diverse and international community, in order to have a global perspective and be positive, compassionate contributors to society.


Pioneering Spirit

Students have open and inquiring minds, and are encouraged to be creative, innovative, and reflective.  As a result, students develop the knowledge, the courage, and the resilience to contribute effectively and confidently to an ever-changing world.

Our College Values

Community is one of pillars of our school. Our students, teachers, support staff, parents, and alumni form an integral part of what makes Dulwich Pudong so special and so unique - a source of pride for all of us, a real strength which drives us forward.

A community is based on shared experience and, perhaps even more importantly, shared values.

Dulwich Pudong Guiding Statements

In addition we have developed three statements which represent these values. They encapsulate what we believe in as individuals and as a community:

  • Do the right thing
  • Value every voice
  • Make a difference

These three simple but powerful statements are based on the existing eight Dulwich Pudong Values which are prominently displayed throughout the College. The statements represent the crystallization of much thought and the collaborative effort of teachers, students and parents around how we can take our existing policy and practice to make it more accessible and more memorable for our community. These statements guide us in how we approach our work and each other every day.

Our College Strategy

Our Vision and Values inform our College's strategic direction. We also know that the world is changing rapidly driven by social and technological changes. Responding to the changes in the wider world, we have created a Strategic Document to guide our College's development over the next few years.

The Strategic Document has been informed by consultation with students, teachers, support staff and parents.