Sustainability & Global Citizenship

At Dulwich College International, we aim for our schools, staff and students to “Live Worldwise”This means Sustainability and Global Citizenship are infused and embedded across our whole organisation. Our goal is to encourage our communities to make informed choices, take inspired action and create positive impact. 

As part of a holistic education, we are committed to providing purpose-driven learning experiences that are guided by a deep sense of connection to people and the planet. As an organisation, we are also committed to developing, measuring, and maintaining sustainable practices. 

We have defined four pillars that shape our sustainability and global citizenship goals and outcomes: Learning, Planet, People, and Policy.

Learning: We are committed to meaningful and relevant learning that nurtures students as global citizens.

Through delivering innovative and world-changing education offerings that are wellbeing-focused, academically rigorous, socially and emotionally enriching, safe, holistic and world-class, we nurture leaders who are passionate and equipped to create solutions to the world’s problems, both today and in the future. 

Planet: We are committed to maximising positive impact and minimising harm, with sustainable and regenerative ideas and practices for the planet.

We have embarked upon a carbon roadmap across all of our schools in a three-step process of carbon mapping, carbon reduction and carbon offsetting. 

People: We are committed to working together as a rich and diverse community for the benefit of all.

To reflect this, we continually invest in staff through our “Accelerate” programme and have launched the Worldwise Alumni Network (WAN), which provides alumni with shared lifelong social and professional opportunities. We continue to focus on the health and safety of our students and staff, prioritising wellbeing and offering meaningful engagement as active citizens and through community participation.

Policy: We are committed to building the systems and strong organisational structures to support collective ambition.

We are compliant in all areas across all our schools, including rapidly developing our cybersecurity and data privacy capability and have established a robust internal Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework to ensure we hold ourselves accountable at all levels of our organisation.

Live Worldwise

Sustainability and Global Citizenship are imbedded into our curriculm at even from DUCKS to Senior School. It also forms an important part of our holistic education. At Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong we develop our students to think, feel, speak and act with empathy and understanding, building awareness and commitment to ensure we have a positive impact on people and our planet.


The components of Global Citizenship

We break Global Citizenship down into 5 strands.


We believe service learning should develop a student’s passion for making a positive difference in the world, and inspire a culture of care and understanding for others. Service learning is integral to the formation of character and should be an intrinsic part of every child’s education.

We strive to find the balance between providing for our human needs and preserving the planet for future generations; we aim to experience harmony with nature whilst advocating for animals and the environment; we believe in doing as much good as we can.

Intercultural Understanding
We embrace learning about a multitude of local and global cultures – their attitudes, beliefs, norms and values – in order to gain deeper cultural understanding, connection and empathy towards everyone.

We live diversity through our inclusive culture that values every individual. We do this through respecting, celebrating and sharing every voice within our community.

Social Justice
We encourage our students to fight for social justice by doing what they can to be positive agents of change, promote fairness and create equitable opportunities for all regardless of who they are or where they are from. We act to ensure everyone, everywhere, is safe, valued and has a bright future.


The Dulwich Pudong ESG Report

In 2023, for Earth Day, we launched our first ESG report! This important document says so much about who we are as a community. It is a window into what is really important to us. The four pillars of Learning, Planet, People & Policy provide a framework for review and a roadmap for the future. The report was compiled as a collaborative process between our students, parents and teachers and was led by our Global Citizenship team.


Global Citizenship in action at our school