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Alison Head of Senior School

We aim to develop confident, thoughtful, outward-looking young people.

We deliver a rigorous academic programme but believe that successful students are not defined solely by their attainment in tests and exams. Our programme of study allows students to maintain breadth as well as depth, based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales leading up to the IGCSE syllabus and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an internationally recognised programme that provides opportunity for collaboration and student-led, in-depth research into areas of interest.

Our Co-curricular programme provides opportunities for students to excel in sports and performing arts and we encourage all our students to take part in a service project or join a community group.

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What do our community members say about Senior School?

Ruth Collings
Dulwich Pudong Senior School is a great place to work, and they will support you both professionally and personally. The school has a friendly atmosphere. There is a real feeling of staff and students working together towards the same goals. The school invests in great resources to support teaching, and teachers are given the freedom to teach in the way that suits them and their students best. Building positive relationships is really important to the school.
- Ruth Collings, Head of Senior Music
Christiana T
Helping people is a great passion of mine, moreover, serving students and staff by being able to create change that will benefit them long-term is such an extraordinary experience. Being a Prefect is an opportunity to initiate and be part of a change process. Being part of a team with individuals who are just as passionate as you is extremely motivating, exciting and, honestly, a once in a lifetime experience!
- Christiana T, Year 12 student
Fredric K
Dulwich supports a strong spirit of advocacy and awareness, and the student body understands the relevance of the events, challenges, and triumphs in each country and even engages intellectually with these issues.
- Fredric K, Alumnus, Class of 2020

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