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Head of Junior School

The Junior School encompasses Years 3 - 6 (Year 3 is equivalent of Year 2 in local school), and caters to children ages 7 to 11. The curriculum follows the English National Curriculum modified for our international context. Junior School aims to provide each child with the very best education and support within an environment that is welcoming and safe.

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Core Curriculum

Our Junior School curriculum is designed to encourage our students to develop deep understanding and gives them the time they need to reflect and consolidate their thinking. We support our students’ natural curiosity and strive to stimulate their creativity.

The curriculum is reviewed and adapted based on current educational thinking and the changing needs of our students. It allows students, teachers and parents to work together using a wide range of resources to create a challenging, distinctive, and exciting experience.

Junior School students engage in topic-based learning, a cross-curricular approach that integrates different subject matter under an umbrella topic or area of interest. Students have dedicated English and Mathematics lessons and specialist teachers for Mandarin, Physical Education, Art, Design Technology, and Music. Where possible, the learning in these subjects is also linked to the current topic.

The curriculum affords students greater autonomy, allowing them to take greater responsibility for their learning. Regular assessments track student progress to ensure all children achieve to the best of their abilities.

Core Curriculum

Holistic Education

A Dulwich education is a holistic education. That is the enduring vision of Dulwich College London founder Edward Alleyn who aimed to create a school that emphasised sound learning, strong artistic pursuits and good manners. Our Junior School students benefit from an strong Co-curricular Activity (CCA) programme which nurtures their talents and interests.

Read more about CCAs right here.

There are currently 79 Co-curricular Activities on offer in the Junior School encompassing arts, music, sport, service, and academic pursuits. We are one of the very few schools in the world to offer Model United Nations (MUN) exclusively for Junior School students.

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Junior School students also have formal and informal opportunities for service learning and building their leadership skills. In this way they develop a strong sense of identity, an understanding of their place in the world, and the desire and confidence to make an impact on the community.

Holistic Education

Mandarin Learning

We offer multiple learning pathways to students of all ages and abilitie, from native Mandarin speakers to second language learners to absolute beginners who might be learning Mandarin as their third or fourth language. Our Chinese Native Language programme nurtures the following core capacitties in preparation for success in the International Baccalaurate Diploma Programme and beyond.

  • High standard for reading and writing Chinese
  • Genuine love of reading Chinese
  • Expressivity and creativity in Chinese writing across a variety of genres
  • Critical thinking / research skills in Chinese
  • Cultural fluency

Read more about our Chinese as a Native Language pathway right here.

Mandarin Learning


Technology begins to play a larger part in student life in Junior School. Computer Science is part of the curriculum with multiple stands: 21st Century Basics, Document Creation, Coding, Film, Robotics, and Digital Intelligence.

We have excellent facilities to support exploration and creativity including a Makerspace Art Room for Computer Fabrication (Lasercutting, 3D Printing) as well as SAMSs Labs, MicroBits, and VEX Robots. Screen time is carefully managed and all students sign Responsible Use agreements.

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Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is built into the fabric of our Junior School pedagogy in the language we use, in our assessment strategy, in our responsive teaching tools and effective feedback methods, in our equal access approach, and in our use of an inquiry model.

Growth mindset is based on scientific advances in understanding how people learn. At its heart, a growth mindset believes that abilities can be developed. This is often contrasted to a fixed mindset which stops at "this is what I have and that's it." The benefits of a growth mindset for a child have been quantified by scientific research. Students with a growth mindset have academic development advanced by 7 months and are statistically more likely to reach their goals.

Read more about how we nurture a growth mindset right here.

Growth Mindset


Wellbeing is the foundation for academic success. By providing students and families with integrated and holistic support systems that focus on all areas of individual development, ability, and interests, underpinned by the framework below, our students are provided with a supportive environment of mutual care and concern from all staff members.

Read more about Wellbeing at the College right here.

Home-School Partnership

Finally, we aim to ensure that you are an integral part of our community. By working in true partnership, we create meaningful experiences for all. We use a combination of technology, virtual events, and in-person meetings to make sure that parents are empowered to support their child's learning journey every step of the way so that each child thrives and achieves all they are capable of.

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What do our community members say about Junior School?

If you love learning, making new friends and having the most fun-loving teachers, then Dulwich Pudong is the school for you! During my time here, I have learnt the power of organising and independent learning.
- Revika, Year 5 student
I enjoy having friends from all over the world. The teachers are very kind and we get to see lots of different teachers every day. I like the variety of subjects we learn, especially music and learning Mandarin. I love our sports facilities.
- Freya, Year 4 Student
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong means community to us. By the end of the first week at Dulwich Pudong, our young children - who had only left London the week before - felt truly at home. And we became an active part of the supportive, informative, friendly network of parents who have become like family to us here.
- Nicki, Parent of Year 6 student

Applying to Junior School

Applications to Junior School are accepted throughout the year and places are offered depending on availability. Individual school tours are being offered subject to COVID restrictions.

Read more here about our Admissions process including eligibility information and admissions criteria.