2022 End of Year Musical Performances

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Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Year 5 Band

During online learning, students from Year 5 continued preparing for their second band concert in May. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have a live performance, but over 40 students worked hard on practicing and learning their music at home and submitted videos for “Let’s Rock” and “Power Rock”.

As is often the case with playing an instrument, the 2-minute videos that have been created don’t reflect the amount of time, practice, mixing, and editing that went into creating the final product. Ms Drew and Mr Bennington are so proud of the Year 5 students for persevering and continuing to make music even when they were doing it alone in their homes.

Year 5 Band Concert

Let's Rock

Power Rock

Year 2 DUCKS Chorale Performance

“The power of music will never be stopped. Even when we were facing various challenges during lockdown, songs are still sung by children in DUCK,” says DUCKS Head of Music Oushu Lin. Here our Year 2 students sing a song called “There's a Power in the Music”, composed by Lin Marsh, with some of the lyrics adapted into Chinese.

Together as One Service Concert

During the last week of the academic year, the Dulwich Pudong community was treated to 14 amazing music performances by SS students, JS students and even teachers. The event was the Together as One Service concert organised by Year 12 student Yasmina T. The event had been in the work since September last year and went ahead despite the online format.

The concert was not limited to students in our traditional ensembles, giving students an open platform to show their talents. Not only was it an afternoon of great music, it was also for great causes. In between the performances, different community organisations were featured, thereby raising awareness and allowing audience members to contribute their support.

The organisers showed great commitment and perseverance making the event happen and it really was a huge team effort. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon showcasing student agency and our College Values, in particular - Value Every Voice and Make a Difference.

Refuge Musical Project

To celebrate the Class of 2022 our music students and staff came together to record their version of Refuge, by award-winning composer Howard Goodall. It conveyed a powerful message of inclusivity and selfless support of one another. It was a moving way to honour the strength of character this graduating class has displayed throughout their time at Dulwich.