DUCKS Come Together for Fun with a Purpose

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Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


​This October our DUCKS community came together for their second annual FUNathon. The FUNathon runs over the whole day and consists of a giant obstacle course that challenges our students from Toddlers to Year 2. 

The event also generates support for Heart to Heart, a community group which funds life-saving surgeries for children who otherwise would not be able to afford them, a cause that resonates deeply with our DUCKS community.

Says Head of DUCKS PE Mr. Matt Gilvary, "Jumping and landing from great heights, battling through inflatable obstacles, sprinting as fast as the wind, brilliant balancing and super swinging through the air, our DUCKS students put on a performance to be proud of showing tremendous energy, everlasting endurance, and countless examples of bravery and courage."

Head of DUCKS Ms. Katherine Weir-Davis adds, "The excitement in the air, the laughter and smiles from the children, the energy and enthusiasm from the teachers and support from our parent volunteers all came together to create a day full of love, determination and care for children needing life-saving heart operations. The FUNathon was truly a wonderful day at DUCKS."


DUCKS students participate in the FUNathon knowing that each jump, balance, bounce, and sprint goes towards helping other children who are truly in need and less fortunate than themselves. In this way they learn to appreciate their own health and express gratitude.

Rosie Brown
A key part of Service Learning at DUCKS is the opportunity for reflection.
- Rosie Brown, DUCKS Service Coordinator

Says DUCKS service coordinator Ms. Rosie Brown, "At DUCKS we believe in giving back to our local community, and through the FUNathon the children can see that their actions have real-life, positive consequences. A key part of Service Learning at DUCKS is the opportunity for reflection. FUNathon encourages children to think more deeply about themselves, their place in the world, and the positive impact they can have on others. Through participation in service events DUCKS students develop and deepen their empathy for others, as well as their respect and appreciation of diversity."

The students, of course, also had a great time:

FUNathon was so much fun!
- Ruby, Nursery
I like jumping and I can jump very high!
- Christopher, Reception
We sang the song 'We will rock you' and shouted ‘加油’ before we started the FUNation. We were all very excited.
- Zoe, Reception
I climb up and jump down. I swing just like what I do on the monkey bars. I like FUNathon!
- Joyce, Year 1
It was so fun. The best bit was ice cream after lunch. I also like jumping and the bars. And it was a very meaningful activity as we can help other children.
- Mia, Year 2