Dulwich Pudong Students Achieve Outstanding 2022 IB Results!

We are thrilled to announce our Class of 2022 IB students have once again scored highly, achieving an average of 39.8 out of a total of 45 points. This represents the highest average score ever achieved at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and is well above the global average of 31.9.


100 percent of our IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) students passed with two students achieving perfect 45 scores. 21.3 percent of our students achieved 44 or above, whilst 57.4 percent of our students achieved 40+ points, a particularly impressive accomplishment.

Our students achieved excellent results in individual subjects with an overall average score of 6.25. Particularly outstanding subject average scores include:


Dulwich Pudong traditionally has one of the largest IB cohorts among international schools in Shanghai and this year was no exception. We celebrate the results of each and every individual in the Class of 2022; we take great pride in ensuring that each student is fully supported to achieve their very best.

We are also proud of the consistent excellence achieved by our IB students. In the last three years they have earned average scores of 39.8 (2022), 39.2 (2021), and 37 (2020). First and foremost, this is due to our students and their efforts, but it also attests to the robust structure we have in place at the College to support both academics and wellbeing. 

It is also the result of our deliberate process of incremental improvement in how we prepare our IB students for success.

For us, the hard work does not stop with announcing these results; in fact it is just the beginning. Each year we conduct a deep, detailed analysis of the results which helps us to improve how we support students across the board. That is the process we have used since we graduated our first IB class in 2009 and is what continues to drive our success today.

Alison Derbyshire
Our students took on every challenge that came their way with incredible perseverance and optimism.
- Alison Derbyshire, Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School Alison Derbyshire says, "It was a very challenging set of circumstances for Class of 2022 students all over Shanghai. Seeing these results makes us all here incredibly proud knowing the amount of hard work put in and resilience displayed by our students. They took on every challenge that came their way with incredible perseverance and optimism."

Head of College Caroline Taylor says, "First we celebrate our students' effort in achieving these fantastic scores. We should also mention the support they received from our Senior School teachers who were also working in difficult conditions. Our staff once again showed how they truly go above and beyond to ensure each student can achieve all that they are capable of."