Meet Class of 2022 Graduate: Stephanie T

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Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

During her six years in the Dulwich community, Stephanie T pursued her passion for STEM both inside and outside the classroom, but she also found meaning and value in the whole range of experiences she had at Dulwich Pudong. 

​“A holistic education is a perfect opportunity for us to test what we like and what we dislike, to better recognise ourselves and our preferences as we move on into higher-level education and society,” she says.


STEM Standout

Academically, Stephanie was inclined toward STEM from an early age.

Stephanie enjoyed all of her IB Higher Level courses - Biology, Chemistry, and Maths. Among these Biology was her favourite. “The IB course enhanced my passion for Biology,” she says.

Stephanie explored a challenging mathematical concept for her Extended Essay. “I wrote about the optimization of a Miura Ori (an origami fold) tessellation in my Extended Essay (EE), where I essentially explored how the origami fold’s volume would change when its geometric variables change. I actually enjoyed writing my EE and I was very proud of the outcome.”


Holistic Benefits

Stephanie also greatly benefitted from Dulwich’s holistic education. She says, “As a STEM student, IB made me step out of my comfort zone. I had to take language and humanities courses, which allowed me to develop skills in areas I was not previously confident with.”

Extracurricular activities afforded Stephanie the opportunity to build personal skills and explore different interests. Her favourite experience was as a Tech Ambassador where she was part of the HakD (the Dulwich Hackathon) planning committee.


“It was gratifying to see the team grow from a small community to the scale it is now,” she reflects. “Activities like these made my experience in DCSPD more vibrant as I made friends and bonded with people over mutual interests.” 

Her holistic experience at Dulwich also included a global outlook.

“To me, living Worldwise means embracing the multiculture nature of our world. It means that once we are able to accept our differences and welcome the inherent diversity, we will be able to harmoniously make the world a better place.”


Road to University

The university application process and the support she received from the College provided Stephanie with valuable opportunities for self-reflection. 

She candidly shares, “I began the process aspiring to study medicine. I completed all the additional tests, requirements, and hospital internships by the start of Year 13 only to realise that it was not a compatible path for me.”

Stephanie advises younger students to consider different pathways early on. “Keep a good mindset when there are unexpected changes. It is very normal to change opinions, but make sure they are well thought out.”

On a more practical level she also underscores the idea of using breaks wisely. She recommends resting up before Year 13, “but take a week or two to do internships, or simply finish up your EE/TOK/IA work. I did a hospital internship that summer and it really aided in writing my personal statement and knowing my preferred career path.”


Journey in Biomedicine

Stephanie’s sights are pointed toward Singapore for university where she plans to pursue the areas of biomedicine, medical biosciences, and pharmaceutical sciences. 

“These courses pave an ideal path for me to develop my enthusiasm for biology and chemistry in the context of healthcare.”

Looking to the future and the impact she can make, Stephanie shares, “I know that I shall strive to do my best in every scenario. And with the resources I might acquire along the way whilst learning a subject that is related to healthcare, I might be able to provide a helping hand to those around me as well as the healthcare industry.”

Supportive Community

Stephanie credits her family who provided emotional support throughout the process. “My family was my anchor and backbone throughout my IB and university application journey. They gave me a lot of freedom in my university application process and supported all my choices, which I am very grateful for.”

Looking back, Stephanie reflects on her years at DCSPD, “Without question I will miss the people most—my friends and teachers who I have known and who accompanied me throughout my high school journey. Although it is a shame to leave a community I have been so attached to for the past six years, I am also very looking forward to a change of lifestyle at university.”

The Dulwich community will also miss you, Stephanie. We wish you all the best as you chart your course in the healthcare profession.