Future of Education Forum: Meet the Keynote Speakers & Buy Your Tickets!

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Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

We are very excited to announce the keynote speakers for the Future of Education Forum to be held on Saturday 3 June on the Dulwich Pudong campus!

Keynote Speakers

wechatimg1166 Mr. Garry Russell | Head of College | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Garry Russell has spent the last 30 years working in and leading outstanding schools across the globe including St. Christopher’s School in Bahrain. A move further east saw Mr. Russell take up Headships in Thailand and China before being appointed Vice Principal at The British School of Guangzhou. In 2022 he joined Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong as Head of College.

wechatimg1167 Mr. Wei Wan | Principal | Shanghai Pinghe School

Mr. Wan Wei is a member of the Central Education Commission of the China Democratic League, Deputy Director of the Basic Education Committee of the Shanghai Democratic League, Executive Vice President of the Shanghai Private Primary and Secondary School Association. He has published numerous books including "Being a Teacher with a Service Attitude", "Education Has Only One Theme", and "Parents Have Vision, Children Have Ambition".

wechatimg1168 Professor Zhifeng Jin | Vice President of China Education Policy Research Institute

Jin Zhifeng is Vice President, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor of the China Education Policy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University, and member of the Democratic Progressive Central Education Committee. He has published more than 90 scholarly articles and more than 10 monographs and textbooks. He has presided over and participated in more than 50 major projects at the national, provincial, and ministerial levels.

Parent Academy Workshops

  • Let's Get Real: the current state of university applications at highly selective universities

All parents have high aspirations for their children. In this interactive workshop our University Counselor will put you in the place of an admissions officer at a highly selective university which will give you a unique and fascinating inside look at what graduates must do to differentiate themselves from the pack. Perfect for parents who want to know the latest in university admissions. This workshop will be delivered in English.

Rorie Macdonald

University and Careers Counselor | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Originally from the UK, Mr. Macdonald graduated from Cambridge University. He is a regular attendee at EARCOS-CIS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools – Council of International Schools), as well as member of International ACAC. 

  • Emotion Coaching: Walking through big feelings with your kids together

When children experience strong emotions, they often feel overwhelmed and out of control, which can bring out the worst in parents too. This is not a time to try to enforce compliance – this needs Emotion Coaching. In this workshop, Counselor Chen Jing will introduce parents to the practice of Emotion Coaching. You'll walk away feeling more prepared to deal with the next meltdown. Perfect for parents of all ages. This workshop will be delivered in Mandarin.

Chen Jing

Counselor | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Jing Chen is a Clinical Mental Health Counsellor who has been working in the education field for the last decade. She earned a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Palo Alto University and holds many professional accreditations.

  • Social Media and the Teenage Brain: What's really happening here?

Being a teen is never easy and the intrusion of social media has completely changed the playing field. Do you have any idea what teens actually consume on social media? Counselor Jordi Blanco has worked with thousands of teens. He will share his experience and the latest research so you have an understanding of what your teen is up against. Perfect for parents of teens or soon-to-be-teens. This workshop will be delivered in English.

Jordi Blanco

Counselor | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Mr. Blanco has nearly two decades of experience in the counseling and education field. Mr. Blanco brings two levels of education to the table: Clinical and Educational Psychology. He has a Master’s in Child Psychology and Licentiate in Educational Psychology and has also attended the Gestalt Pacific Institute in California.

  • The Anxious Family: Simple strategies for making anxiety work for your family, not against it

More families than ever before report feelings of stress and anxiety. But does that mean we should do everything we can to avoid it? In this interactive workshop, Pete Rogers will share ways to harness the anxiety and turn it into an engine for growth and discovery rather than a force of destruction. This workshop will be delivered in English.

Pete Rogers

Counselor | Community Centre Shanghai

Pete Rogers holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University, Maryland. He has expertise in working with international school students and their parents to create emotionally vibrant and happy families.

  • The Science of Learning: Understanding how to support your child in their learning journey

Advances in neuroscience have fuelled advances in teaching and learning, which has greatly improved our understanding of effective study habits. In this workshop, you'll learn how Dulwich educators are expanding students' horizons through our pioneering Science of Learning programme and walk away with a deeper understanding of how you can support your child in their studies. Perfect for parents who want to take a tour of the cutting edge of pedagogy. This workshop will be delivered in English.

Rachael Thornton

Head of Psychology and Head of Year 13 | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

‍Ms. Thornton joined Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong in 2020 as Head of Psychology, later taking on the role of Extended Essay Coordinator and Head of Year.

Anna Townend

Director of Teaching and Learning (Senior School) | Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Ms. Townend completed her tertiary studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education with distinction, majoring in French and History.

Each Forum attendee will be able to select 1 of the 5 workshops to attend.


About the Forum

Education is changing, perhaps faster than ever before. Parents who want a clear vision for their child's educational journey need an understanding about how education will evolve in the future.

To help parents gain a global perspective on education, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is teaming up with KingLead to put on a unique forum featuring prominent leaders from both international and bilingual education addressing the Future of Education.

Future of Education Forum

Date: Saturday June 3, 2023

Time: 1pm-5pm

Location: Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong campus

Guided campus tours will also be offered for parents interested to learn more about Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong from noon-1pm.

Register now by scanning the QR code below, spaces are limited:


All proceeds will be donated to support student-supported community partners at Dulwich Pudong and Shanghai Pinghe School.

The Forum will be delivered in a mix of English and Chinese and will be facilitated to be accessible to all audiences.