Refugee Response CCA Raises Funds for Choose Love

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Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

The Refugee Response Team report on their determination to overcome the challenges created by Covid-19 in a service context  

Despite the numerous disruptions created by COVID-19, we were determined to continue our work; we were incredibly fortunate to be part of a fundraising opportunity at the Winter Choral Concert in the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, attended by our wider Dulwich community. At the Winter Choral Concert, we aimed to promote altruism during the holiday period by a selling myriad of products for our different partnering charities, including an organization called Choose Love.   

Choose Love is an aid organization that provides life-saving and essential items around the world to refugees in need. All of the funds raised the night of the performance were donated straight to purchasing products for refugees. Products included education kits, hot meals, clothes, blankets, and baby clothes. We were delighted with the level of generosity showed by our community.   

On the night of the performance, the Refugee Response CCA raised enough to purchase 7 education kits, 5 blankets, 4 sets of baby clothes, and 5 hot meals. We would like to thank the Dulwich Community once again for their generous donations. To find out more about the gifts you have given and to explore further opportunities to help refugees at this time, please visit   

Even when numerous projects around the world have come to a standstill, we have continued to explore more possibilities and virtual opportunities to further support refugees. For instance, we have recently completed ethical training and worked as translators for refugees with Tarjimly, an app which connects us to refugees in real-time. You can find Tarjimly on the App store on your mobile device. This gives us a great opportunity to give back directly to refugees despite the inconveniences of the pandemic.  

Look out for more exciting Refugee Response projects in coming terms too! COVID-19 will not stop us from building bridges to help refugees around the world.  

The Refugee Response Team