Competition Information

Tournament Rules

The FIBA Rules (latest edition) shall be implemented for ACAMIS tournaments with the following notes.

  • Games will be played 4 quarters of 7 minutes each with Stop Clock.
  • A 35-second shot clock must be used and where possible placed above the backboard.
  • Overtime Periods will be 3 minutes and begins with a jump ball.
  • New games may be scheduled every 75 or 90 minutes.
  • First Half – Two (2) time-outs for each team.
  • Second Half – Three (3) time-outs for each team.
  • Overtime Periods - One (1) time-out is granted per overtime period for each team.
  • Timeouts do not carry over from half to half or into overtime
  • The length of each time-out is 1 minute.
  • The length of time between quarters is 2 minutes.
  • The maximum length of halftime is 8 minutes.
  • Coaches may request a timeout by approaching the scorers’ table.
  • The scorer notifies the referee of the timeout at an appropriate time, which includes: a dead ball, free throw, immediately after a scored basket by the opposing team. (Current FIBA Rule)
  • Girls’ games shall use a size 6 ball (28.5” / 72cm).
  • Boys’ games shall use a size 7 ball (29.5” / 75cm).
  • Boys use regular FIBA court dimensions
  • Girls use USA high school/collegiate 3 point line (19’9”) / lane and lane markings
  • All teams will receive up to a ten-minute warm-up period prior to the start of the game, on the side of the court away from their bench.  
  • Any second half warm-up will be in front of own bench.  
  • This corresponds to the direction of play in each half.
  • If the games fall behind schedule, each team will have up to 8 minutes to warm-up at their own end of the court. Squad size and Substitution of Players.
  • A team will have a minimum squad of 6 players and a maximum of 12 players.
  • Unlimited amount of substitutions. Substitutes are to approach the scorer’s table and be directed onto the court during a dead ball situation.
  • 2 referees shall be utilized for all basketball games.
  • ACAMIS Tournament games should use personnel from local recognized officiating organizations, if possible.
  • A player is disqualified from a game when they commit their fifth personal foul.
  • Technical fouls against a player also count as a personal foul against the same player and count as a team foul.
  • A player is disqualified if they receive two (2) technical fouls.
  • Technical fouls against the coach, bench or fans are charged to the coach but is not counted as a team foul. A coach is disqualified if they receive three (3) technical fouls.
  • Mercy Rule – If a game gets to a 20 pts differential – teams must not press and coaches are encouraged to use their bench to balance the game – if the game gets to 30 points differential it switches to running clock and remains running clock for the remainder of the game.

Tiebreaker from round-robin standings for tournament seeding (in order of application)

  • Tie-Breakers - ‘If any stage of the tie-breaker separates all of the tied teams, then the tie-break is complete. If at any stage of the tie-breaker, only two teams remain tied, the head to head result will determine the placing.’ 
  • A maximum point differential of 20 points will be used for calculations. This is to minimize “running up” the score in order to improve a team’s seeding.
  • Overtime points do not count in points differential
  1. Head-to-Head Result (if 2 teams).
  2. Best point differential in games between tied teams.
  3. Best point differential in all games. 
  4. Most points scored in games between tied teams.
  5. Most points scored in all games. 
  6. Least team fouls made in games between tied teams. 
  7. Least team fouls made in all games.
  8. Coin toss.
  • A team has 8 seconds to advance the ball into the frontcourt from the backcourt.
  • Alternating Possession is used for all jump ball situations including the start of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters.


ACAMIS Basketball schedule

2018/19 ACAMIS Basketball Tournament Results


Time                    Date                  Gender          Team                      Score                       Opponent

9.15am               24 January            Girls              DCS                        29-18                        RCHK

9.15am               24 January            Girls              DCB                        12-14                         BISS

10.30am             24 January            Boys              QSI                         34-62                        RCHK

10.30am             24 January            Girls              SSIS                        10-13                         QSI

11.45am              24 January            Boys             DCB                        48-41                         BISS

11.45am              24 January            Boys             DCS                        43-41                         SSIS

1pm                    24 January           Girls              SSIS                        10-37                         BISS

1pm                    24 January           Girls              DCB                        14-31                          RCHK

2.15pm               24 January            Girls              DCS                        34-12                         QSI

2.15pm               24 January            Boys              BISS                       25-41                         RCHK

3.30pm               24 January           Boys              DCB                        48-40                        SSIS

3.30pm               24 January           Boys              DCS                        56-25                        QSI

4.45pm               24 January           Girls               DCB                       19-17                          QSI

4.45pm               24 January           Boys              BISS                        22-19                        RCHK

6pm                   24 January            Boys              DCS                        25-51                        RCHK

6pm                   24 January            Girls               DCS                        30-18                        SSIS

9am                   25 January            Boys               BISS                       28-37                        SSIS

9am                   25 January            Boys               QSI                         15-36                        DCB

10.15am             25 January             Girls               RCHK                      19-13                         QSI

10.15am             25 January             Girls               DCS                        16-14                         BISS

11.30am             25 January             Girls               SSIS                        21-29                        DCB

11.30am             25 January             Boys               RCHK                     35-28                        SSIS

12.45pm             25 January            Boys               DCS                        50-46                       DCB

12.45pm             25 January            Boys               QSIS                       39-41                        BISS

2pm                    25 January           Girls               QSIS                        7-26                        BISS

2pm                    25 January           Girls               RCHK                      18-8                         SSIS

3.15pm               25 January            Boys               DCS                        24-17                       BISS

3.15pm               25 January            Girls                DCS                        22-10                      DCB

4.30pm               25 January            Boys               SSIS                        47-24                     QSI

4.30pm               25 January            Boys               DCB                        22-43                     RCHK


Time                    Date                    Gender               Match                    Team                      Score                       Opponent

8 am                   26 January             Girls                  Semi-Final              DCS                        33-21                       DCB

8 am                   26 January             Girls                  Semi-Final              RCHK                      33-25                      BISS

9.15 am               26 January             Boys                  Semi-Final              DCB                        42-28                      DCS

9.15 am               26 January             Boys                  Semi-Final              RCHK                      34-20                      SSIS

10.30 am             26 January             Boys                  5th/6th Place           BISS                       45-38                      QSIS

10.30 am             26 January             Girls                  5th/6th Place           QSIS                       16-9                         SSIS

11.45 am              26 January             Boys                 3rd Place                 SSIS                       49-37                        DCS

11.45 am              26 January             Girls                  3rd Place                 BISS                       24-22                       DCB

1 pm                   26 January              Girls                First place match      RCHK                     26-15                        DCS

2.15 pm               26 January              Boys               First place match      RCHK                     43-20                        DCB

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