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IRB U19 Rules (particularly at scrum time)

Age group definitions:

In keeping with IRU policy guidelines for Age group limitations: U/19 players may be U/19, U/18 or U/17 (16-18-year-olds) as of 31 August 2019.

  1. U-19 - five players from each team form the scrum.

  2. Teams can opt to have uncontested scrums.

  3. Offside from the scrum is 5 meters behind the hindmost foot.

  4. Crouch, Bind, Set

  5. No wheeling ...................................................Ruling: Penalty Kick

  6. Unintentional wheel past 45 degrees...............Ruling: Reset Scrum

  7. Maximum 1.5 push..........................................Ruling: Free Kick

  8. The ball must be released from the base of scrum.......Ruling: Free Kick

  9. The offside line for scrum-half is the tunnel ……..Ruling:  Free kick

  1. A minimum of 2 players per side is required to form the lineout.

  2. Those not involved must retire 10 meters or subject to offside rules.

  3. The Quick lineout will be allowed if is the same ball and not handled by anyone except the thrower and the player taking the ball into touch.  No attempt to form a lineout from the opposition can be made for a quick lineout to be able to take place.

  1. Tries will score 5 points, 2 for the resulting conversion.
  2. When a try is scored, the team that scored the try will kick-off for the restart.
  1. All conversions will be taken by drop kick in line from where the try was scored at the spot indicated by the referee.
  2. During the conversion, other players set up in a position to restart the game.
  3. Penalty kicks at goal may only be taken by drop kick (to be attempted within 30 seconds)
  1. A player sent off for breach of the rules will not be allowed to play the next game.
  2. Dangerous play.  Jumping into the tackle, high tackles, tackling in the air and spear tackles will all be considered dangerous play. Blatant disregard of these rules or a team repeat offence will lead to Player sin bin. (3 mins for 10 a-side).
  3. Squeeze ball is not to be allowed and will be penalized.

Will be Unlimited.  However, the player coming onto the field must report to the substitute co-coordinator and enter the field from half way. The player entering must wait until the leaving player is off the field entirely.

Note: Substitutes can only happen at every stoppage of play except at a penalty and a free-kick (this will then allow the game to a natural flow with no interruptions to the players or referee).

Finals decided by “Golden Point”, with player drop-off system if required every 2 minutes.                                                                                      

  1. One player is dropped every two minutes
  2. The first team to score in sudden death wins.
  1. Head-to-Head Result (if 2 tied teams) 

  2. Best goal differential in games between 3 tied teams
  3. Best goal differential in all games. 

  4. Most goals scored in games between 3 tied teams. 

  5. Most goals scored in all games.
  1. Win - 3 points
  2. Draw - 1 point
  3. Loss – 0 point

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Friday 20 September

Home                    Away                    Start                    End                    Score
DCS                      SAS PX                 10.30                   10.55
BISS PX                JEJU 1                  11.00                   11.25
WAIS                     ISB                        11.30                   11.55

Lunch Break

DCS                      JEJU 2                  13.00                   13.25
SAS PX                 WAIS                    13.30                   13.55
BISS PX                ISB                        14.00                   14.25
JEJU 1                  JEJU 2                   14.30                   14.55
SAS PX                 ISB                        15.00                   15.25
DCS                      JEJU 1                   15.30                   15.55
WAIS                    JEJU 2                   16.00                   16.25
BISS PX                SAS PX                 16.30                   16.55
ISB                        DCS                       17.00                   17.25
JEJU 1                  WAIS                      17.30                   17.55

Saturday 21 September

JEJU 2                  SAS PX                   9.00                   9.25
BISS PX                WAIS                       9.30                   9.55
ISB                        JEJU 1                    10.00                 10.25
BISS PX                JEJU 2                    10.30                 10.55
WAIS                     DCS                        11.00                  11.25
SAS PX                 JEJU 1                    11.30                  11.55
BISS PX                DCS                        12.00                  12.25
ISB                        JEJU 2                    12.30                  12.55