COVID put educational technology in the spotlight, but in reality it has accelerated a trend that’s been building for years. Our DCSPD EdTech team is responsible for staying on the cutting edge of these new technologies and leading the charge to integrate them into our existing practices and maximize our student-centered learning environments. 


Meet Our EdTech team 

Mr. Phil Whitaker

Director of EdTech and Innovation

Phil Whitaker is the Director of EdTech and Innovation where he oversees the use of technology in teaching and learning for the Whole College. He also teaches IB and IGCSE Computer Science.

During his time here he introduced Computer Science (CS) into the Senior School and led the first CS cohorts of IGCSE and IB students; introduced a robotics programme; established the Tech Ambassadors student group; worked with the Tech Ambassadors to establish HakD (Dulwich’s first and only hackathon, now in its 5th year) and developed the SE21 Maker Space (“S” stands for STEAM, “E” for Entrepreneurship & Environmental Sustainability, and the “21” for 21st Century Skills).

Mr. Ian Broadbent 

Educational Technology Coach

Ian Broadbent is one of the new Educational Technology Coaches for the College and specialises in JS. He is driven by creative ideas, thrives on new challenges, and enjoys putting into practice innovative educational theories.

He is originally from the UK but has been in China for the last 11 years developing the pedagogy around EdTech and the collaboration of subjects within STEAM. 

He has a Master’s degree in international education and has written extensively on Makerspaces and their implications around the world. His vision is to drive forward our Tech Ambassador programme across the Whole College to give students a voice as they move through the different schools.

Dr. Ella Yankelevich 

Educational Technology Coach 

Dr. Ella Yankelevich is our other new EdTech Coach. She specializes in DUCKS, supporting our youngest learners with educational technology integration and SE21. 

Before diving into the world of EdTech, Dr. Yankelevich was a classroom teacher in the U.S. in Grades 4, 5, and Kindergarten. After transitioning into EdTech and Computer Science, she completed a doctoral program in Curriculum and Instruction to ensure she supported the most up-to-date research-based practices for her colleagues and their students. She enjoys presenting at local, national, and international conferences on EdTech, diversity, and mindfulness. 


New in 2021 

The EdTech team helped us start the year with some significant new enhancements to our tech provision. 

1. 1-to-1 devices for students throughout the Junior School 

Learning is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. All JS students must be competent, comfortable, and confident users of digital technology. With a device in the hands of each student, teachers can provide a more transformative educational experience, engaging students in a variety of online platforms wherever their learning takes place.  

2. New MAXHUBs in every Junior School classroom 

The MAXHUB smart screens allow for a more immersive learning experience, providing the ability to write directly into apps such as Microsoft OneNote and PowerPoint. Collaborative Microsoft Whiteboards are only a click away, with students and teacher able to brainstorm together in real time. 

3. Migration to new Microsoft 365 tenant 

The migration carried out over the summer lays the foundation for our Dulwich Digital Difference (D3) project which will see pioneering capabilities added to our teaching and learning as well as opening up new possibilities of collaboration across our family of schools. 


Priorities for 2021-2022

The team has a busy year ahead, built around five main priorities:

 1. eSafety 

All learners from Ducks to Senior School are engaged with digital tools and online platforms for a well-rounded, 21st century learning experience. As such eSafety must be a top priority. From signing Responsible Use policies to developing classroom norms, students are continually asked to review their understanding of keeping safe online. Explicit instruction is provided regarding digital citizenship, responsible technology use, and digital literacy throughout the College.  

 2. Dulwich Digital Difference (D3)

D3 is the multi-year transformational journey taking place right now, tapping into the power of technology to truly personalise learning. Over the next several years it will deliver a connected learning, teaching, and administration platform across our Dulwich College International family of schools by drawing together learning resources, data, analytics and powerful education tools in one secure place. This year will see further important developments such as the deployment of parent dashboards.

D3 will give students the freedom to shape their own learning, work at their own pace, and deep dive into topics that excite them. They will be able to co-create, communicate, and collaborate with classmates, teachers, and peers throughout our international learning community. 

It will also give parents a robust view of their child's educational progress, significantly strengthening the home-school partnership so crucial for students to achieve their full potential.


3. SE21 

SE21 spaces have been developed across all three schools at DCSPD. This year, the EdTech team will review and develop the capacity of these spaces to encourage interdisciplinary projects, entrepreneurial thought and action, and integration of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, all through the 21st century skill set. 


4. DUCKS Tech

Our youngest learners are Digital Natives and we must engage them with technology in a purposeful manner that ensures safe digital device and platform use. Students in DUCKS develop computational thinking through unplugged games and robots, explore the design thinking process through hands-on activities and project-based learning, and practice 21st century skills on iPads and/or iMacs.


5.Tech Ambassadors 

Our student Tech Ambassador programme will continue to expand and deepen. Tech Ambassadors play a vital role in both representing student voices to inform our technology choices, but also in putting on our annual hackathon HakD which will take place in Term 2.




Says Mr. Whitaker, "The impact of technology on education is accelerating. There are both incredible opportunities and important challenges to face. Empowering students to understand the risks and take control of their own digital lives is crucial along with managing screen time so that our students continue to enjoy the holistic education Dulwich Pudong is famous for." 

The world is changing, driven by technology, and our amazing EdTech team keeps us on the leading edge of all the new opportunities it brings.