IA Bronze Practice Trip to Moganshan

IA Bronze Practice Trip to Moganshan

Our adventure was both an exciting and admittedly tiring expedition; filled with surprises, fun and many learning experiences.

After a five-hour bus ride, we arrive at 7.30am and prepared our breakfast: bread, pre boiled eggs and pate, a surprisingly tasty combination. After eating, checking our bags and filling our water bottles, we set off.

Almost immediately after leaving the hotel, we established everyone’s roles. I was the navigator (using a preplanned route card and map) to determine what paths we would take, Lance was in charge of our compass, Regan worked as our leader, Alex ensured we stayed hydrated, Luca acted as road safety guide and Dylan kept all our documents and papers. These defined roles, our trust in one another and our general fitness were all factors that contributed to us breezing through the first five checkpoints, hardly getting lost. Unfortunately, after checkpoint 6, exhaustion descended and suddenly our well-defined roles started to disappear and our teamwork began to suffer.

During my adventurous journey, I personally learned the importance of teamwork, if my friends were not there for me to support me, I would never have made it to camp. We all managed to support each other for the majority of the journey, and although exhaustion did take its toll on us eventually, overall it was a very useful first run, which taught me a variety of new skills.


John and Martin
Year 10