In the Spotlight

What is your name?
Tom Peel

What is your role at the College?
Teacher of English and Drama

Since when have you been working at DCS?

Where else have you lived in the world?
Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Dusseldorf and Yorkshire

What do you think is special about Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong?
I think we are always looked after very well and I enjoy the fun times we have celebrating in the staff room. The friendliness of staff popping in my door for a chat is great. But the most special thing about Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is Mr Orr's jokes. Hands down.

Did you always want to work at an international school?
Yes, one of the reasons I went into teaching was it gave you a passport to the world!

What is your favourite weekend activity in Shanghai?
Most of my weekend is spent either preparing for or recovering from rugby with Shanghai Dragons. They provide a great family away from work. Homeslice Pizza on Sunday night is a great routine too!

What is your favourite book and who is your favourite author?
As an English teacher, I feel I should go into some depth here: Best technical book ever written: Lord of the Rings. Favourite author: Terry Pratchett. Non-fiction: I'm really enjoying reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and I enjoyed Power of Habit. Favourite book: 1984 Book which really messed with my mind: Dracula. Best adventure: Papillion Book set in Shanghai: Empire of the Sun. Best epic: Count of Monte Cristo.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?
Genghis Khan can bring the meat. Harald Hardrada can bring the ale. Hunter S. Thompson can bring the stories. Ching Shih can bring the spices. And then my Granny to keep them all in line.

What does a typical day at the College look like for you?
Hard decisions on whether to have coffee or tea. Smiling faces - especially from my Year 7s. The unmissable strangeness of my great tutor group. Marking Great questions Empowered learning

Do you have a motto or saying that really resonates with you?
Beyond fear lies freedom.