New School Year, New School!

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 2019 New School Year

Everyone in Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is naturally excited at the start of a new school year, students, staff and parents alike. This year at DUCKS, there was an entirely new level of anticipation because returning to school not only meant seeing familiar friends and teachers and making new friends, but it was the first opportunity to see the renovations that had taken place over the summer holiday.
As children and parents entered the main doors at DUCKS the “ohhhs” and “wows” could be heard all around and the look of delight and sometimes confusion, on faces was just delightful. Everyone was amazed at the changes that had taken place in the short amount of time given. 
The designs had been a long time in the process, we were very precise in our vision of creating a calm and tranquil environment that was at one with nature as much as possible. The aim was to create an enhanced environment for our children to feel safe and secure whilst enjoying the benefits of new social and educational spaces.


The Dining Hall has been received extremely well with its spacious layout, easy access to the playground, children’s cookery area and new kitchens. The new music room has also been a highlight, especially with the addition of three individual tuition rooms, two with new pianos and one with a fancy drum kit. And talking of pianos, the FoD funded mini-grand piano was the cherry on the cake for the new Front Desk area, this will help showcase the amazing musical talent we have at DUCKS.
Feedback about the renovations has been nothing but positive and the children and staff have settled quickly into their new surroundings. The renovations have given DUCKS a new lease of life and we are all ready for another amazing year of fun and learning in our busy, but tranquil school.