One Voice Summit

One Voice Summit

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong hosted the second annual One Voice Summit occurred 11-12 October 2019, focusing on the themes of Quality Education and Zero Waste Lifestyle. Throughout the Summit, students from eight schools across China came together to learn more about global issues, as well as come up with an action plan to do our part in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Students were inspired by some truly engaging keynotes from Tenzin Dolma of Snowland Art and Heather Kaye of Loop Swim, and also enjoyed engaging simulations and debriefs, s well as thought-provoking workshops. Our Dulwich Ambassadors facilitated discussion and debriefs in our lightbulb groups, and our work culminated in creating and presenting a long-term project to help address a social or environmental issue by collaborating between all schools.  

We are looking forward to cooperating on our projects and to seeing them come to light to bring change to our communities. It really is exciting to be changemakers for the good of our world.

Year 13