Walk for Wuhan

Walk for Wuhan

Over the course of e-learning, the global citizenship teams from Junior School and Senior School were eager to find a way to help our community reconnect, whilst doing our best to contribute to the recovery of Wuhan. This led to the organization of ‘Walk for Wuhan’ — a simple, yet powerful way to find positivity and strength in remembering that we are one big Shanghai family.


As a team, we’d like to thank everyone for making this such a successful walk! We hope that it gave you the opportunity to focus on your wellbeing and that it meant something special to you. There’s no doubt that we have all felt the impact of Covid-19 in various forms. Yet, through it all, it’s amazing that even in trying times, when we’re all spread around the world, we can still show our wholehearted support for one another.

Following the walk, a video has been composed to showcase our Dulwich family taking the walk. Hopefully, you will find comfort in seeing some familiar faces! Time away from our normal lives reminds us of the importance of appreciation — appreciation for our loved ones, our teachers, and the little things that make us happy. For our teachers, we’d like to express our most heartfelt thank you for all the incredible amount of work you do in preparing our online lessons and activities. For our friends, we are grateful for the long and motivating phone calls; they’re a testament to the strong connections that withstand the distance. Finally, for our families, spending time in quarantine has brought a sense of appreciation for the little moments that we share, and the minor, but meaningful things we do for each other.


Reflecting on the event, our team finds that the community’s encouraging response to initiatives like these inspire us to do all that we can to show our support. As e-learning continues, our thoughts and prayers go out to the international community. We wish everyone the best and to stay safe.


The Junior School and Senior School Global Citizenship teams