Year 11 Geography Fieldtrip

Year 11 Geographers ventured out into Huangpu and Lujiazui in order to collect data for their IGCSE Geography coursework examining the urban characteristics of downtown Shanghai. The coursework project accounts for 27.5% of their final IGCSE grade in Geography, with one piece of coursework completed during the 2-year course.

Students first travelled by Metro to collect secondary data from the Urban Planning Museum in Peoples Square, in order to further understand the growth of Shanghai and how land uses developed in certain areas. Four separate groups then travelled along different streets to collect primary data about a wide range of variables, such as environmental quality. Our geographers had to collaborate in an effective manner, dividing the tasks and ensuring that data was recorded in an accurate manner.

Students will now present and analyse the data in order to test the hypotheses they created, as part of the scientific approach to their investigations. Many thanks to Ms Berg for assisting the group on the day!

Mr Anthony Gillett
Head of Geography