Dulwich Talks 2017

Dulwich Talks took place on Thursday 2nd November 2017. This year's theme was World Without Boundaries. As the headline academic event of the year for the older students, there were a variety of keynote speakers and students engaged with experts on issues as diverse as sports science, leadership, animation, architecture, and how bomb craters can inspire art.

The co-founder of Mobikes discussed environmental impact and business models, whilst a presenter from Facebook led discussions about resilience in the job market, as well as the connections between social media and mental health. 

The students also participated in a selection of seminars and workshops, more hands-on experiences exploring concepts beyond the scope the normal curriculum, joining the dots between disciplines. The day was run by Fredric in Year 11, with help from Daisy and Jessica who moderated the Panel Discussions.

Feedback from students:

“As I am from Year 13 and I am having super busy month, it is boundary pushing for me to prepare for this workshop with Nancy. We've got examinations and so many things going on, to work on and to worry about. But the result of our preparation was brilliant and I enjoyed it. I am really happy that I chose to come to this trip and to give a workshop.” - Rainy

“Boundary exists but once we have broken them, we will be able to explore a lot beyond the boundary.”  - Rose

“Physical, chemical, mental boundaries ..... They all exist in different fields and various industries in multiple ways. We can redefine boundaries. And whether we should keep them or push them or even break them are all meaningful to think about in no matter which field.”- Belinda

“World has no boundary, heart has no boundary, dream has no boundary”​​​​​​​ - Karen

“Boundaries can do both good and bad. The boundary shrinks as the tech develops”​​​​​​​ - Leo

“I am not a person who pays a attention to politics. That workshop on Refugee inspired me. Boundaries is a double-edged sword. It can bring both positive effect and negative effects”​​​​​​​ - Lotus