One Voice Summit

Welcome to One Voice!

One Voice is a student run summit that seeks to inspire young people in collaborating to bring about positive change towards global issues. The One Voice Summit happens every year in autumn. Students in attendance are challenged to come up with solutions for their schools and communities to have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Global Citizenship
One Voice

One Voice 2022

We are hosting our fourth annual One Voice Summit Friday and Saturday October 21-22. This year the festival is running online, and it is free of charge!

There are two themes this year:

  1. Social justice – Challenge: How can informed action encourage greater social justice?
  2. Food – Challenge: How can we bring about a world where food consumption is more sustainable?

The Summit will feature a variety of keynote speeches, small group discussions, workshops and provocations designed to inspire and challenge participants and provoke them towards meaningful action that will impact your school and wider community. Students will be placed in small teams called Lightbulb Groups where they will meet students from a variety of different schools and experience a shared safe place for open discussion and reflection.

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