Alumni Stories

Olivia, Class of 2020

Olivia's Story

Congratulations to Olivia, who achieved 45 points in her IB - a perfect score! She attends Ivy League university, Brown, majoring in English and Environmental Studies after completing an internship in a sustainability start up in Shanghai.

Her advice to current Dulwich student is "To relax and have fun. I think all Dulwich students work very hard and do their best to be successful everything they do. Well that’s very admirable. I think it’s also important to not lose sight of enjoying time with your friends and family and other loved ones."

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Catherine, Class of 2020

Catherine's Story

Catherine attends Tsinghua University, majoring in Social Sciences.

Her advice to current Dulwich student is "Do careful research on Chinese universities. Chinese universities aren’t popular choices at Dulwich, so students know very little about them. Maybe after researching you’ll find out how much some programs suit you!"

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William, Class of 2020

William's Story

William attends Guildhall School of Music and Drama, majoring in Cello Performance.

His advice to current Dulwich student is "For all students applying to a performing arts degree, whether it should be Drama or Music, I strongly recommend you to follow your heart, and to believe in yourself."

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Benjamin, Class of 2020

Benjamin's Story

Benjamin attends Pomona College.

His advice to current Dulwich student is "Try to minimize the time spent ‘settling in’, and don’t fall into the trap of using this to justify laziness. Undesirable grades in Term 1 of Year 12 will bite back in the future, and maintaining solid, consistent performances throughout the entire two-year course will save much unneeded stress."

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Natasha, Class of 2020

Natasha's Story

Countless people recognise the face and magnificent voice of 2020 alumnus Natasha T, who literally grew up on the College campus from DUCKS to her Senior School graduation. Natasha’s 16-year journey at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is a story of personal discovery, resilience, and tremendous achievement. From performing as Fagin in the musical Oliver to singing at Dulwich College International’s 400th Anniversary Gala, Natasha’s star has shown brightly. Today Natasha is studying Opera at the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in the UK.

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Jay, Class of 2020

Jay's Story

Jay attends Stanford University.

His advice to current Dulwich student is "The IBDP is really a great opportunity to explore your passions, a chance for you to learn, grow, and thrive in unexpected ways."

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Brandon, Class of 2020

Brandon's Story

Brandon attends Imperial College London.

His advice to current Dulwich student is "Have fun. School is school; but at the end of the day, you are the most important person. Take care of yourself mentally and enjoy your time with family and friends."

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Fredric K, Class of 2020

Fredric's Story

Alumnus Fredric K, Class of 2020, not only graduated from Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong this year, but also completed a Master’s certificate in Data, Economics and Development Policy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as its youngest student ever in this graduate-level degree program! And this year he capped off his stellar DCSPD career by being accepted to MIT as an undergraduate. Let's see how his Dulwich education led up to this remarkable achievement.

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Clarisse, Class of 2016

Clarisse's Story

Clarisse attended University of Oxford. She achieved 45 points in her IB.

Her advice to current Dulwich student is "Interact and work with peers and teachers from all over the world, as every individual's unique background and experiences contributed to the creation of very insightful discussions and debates."

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Matthew, Class of 2017

Matthew's Story

Matthew attended New York University Abu Dhabi. He achieved 44 points in his IB.

In his time at Dulwich Pudong, Matthew indulged in a wide variety of extracurricular activities that the school had to offer. From the orchestra to badminton to teaching English. He explored and developed a myriad of interests.

Daniel, Class of 2021

Daniel's Story

Daniel is our Class of 2012 Alumnus, who attended University of LEEDS.

He has played a part in bringing the COVID vaccine to the world.

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Monica, Class of 2013

Monica's Story

Monica is our Class of 2013 Alumni.

She blazes a trail from Dulwich Pudong to Stanford and Columbia Graduate School.

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Worldwise Alumni Network

Worldwise Alumni Network

The Worldwise Alumni Network brings our alumni from across our family of schools together on one platform. Co-created by alumni, the Worldwise Alumni Network aims to bring our alumni from across our family of schools together, and to build bridges for them to develop themselves personally and professionally, connect, re-connect and socialise with other alumni across our family of schools, and pioneer positive change - in industry, society, and the global community.